In Store

In store at Jules

Jules is always on hand with her huge array of knowledge to guide everyone from a beginner to a more experienced user. In fact she is the go to place for stock for many therapists that practice with crystals.


Jules keeps in regular contact with her carefully sought out network of suppliers to ensure that all of her specimens are of top quality. She refuses to accept lower quality pieces, knowing that her customers expect nothing but the best.

She holds a huge range of stock within her cosy welcoming shop in the heart of Ellon. With
everything from over 100 different tumble stones, to huge 3ft+ Geodes and some amazing display pieces. This complemented by a vast array of Fairtraide giftware, incense, essential oils, books, cds and salt lamps means that the shop is a small haven for many. Some even call it a destination!

Why not pop in to Jules Healing Gems in Ellon to discover more, or have a peek at our online shop to see more.


Jules Healing Gems has a therapy room for rent. This quiet relaxing area is used regularly by mobile and visiting therapists to give them a base in the bustling town of Ellon to see their clients in.

Therapists range from crystal therapists to Reiki practitioners, Masseuses to Reflexologists, Tarot card Readers to Mediums. To find out who is visiting this month check out our blog or Facebook page.